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The Helvti Diner concept is clearly inspired by the American model, but there’s one key difference – our quality standards are uncompromising. Every ingredient that finds its way into our meals is either prepared to our own recipe, refined, or carefully checked by our chefs. We know all our suppliers personally and regularly go on-site to inspect their production processes for ourselves.

Needless to say, there is a price for this approach. Because we only use and create high-quality products, the price structure cannot be compared with that of a snack restaurant. Not all hamburgers are created equal! Especially not when all of our meat comes from a small outfit – that means pure beef without binding agents, and the most careful preparation processes. 

Yes, our products are fatty and sometimes high in calories. But they’re healthy! We believe it’s better – and healthier – to enjoy high-quality products and light exercise now and then than consume a monotonous, low-fibre diet devoid of pleasure. 

Geolocation: Zurich, Switzerland

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